Biggerhouse Productions – 1998-2001

Gareth being interviewed
Co-Director, producer and programme maker for Biggerhouse Productions, founded with Stephen Clarke, to create new and original work for live events, video and the web:

Glastonbury Net Radio: one of the first Internet Radio Stations in the UK using Real Player netcasting 15 original programmes from the site: documentaries, discussion, drama, new writing, with a specific commitment to the arts and social change. Over 100,000 listeners over 2 years (1999-2001).

Productions included:

Augusto Boal - Artangel project

Theatre, Politics and Social Change – Augusto Boal and the Art of Legislation: documenting the Artangel produced event in the former GLC debating chamber, London.

Tracing the Map: a 45 minute audio documentary in 4 parts about the changing face of Glastonbury High Street from 1900 to 2000.  Listen to ‘Tracing the Map’ in four short parts.


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