’26 and 7 Bones’ – 2012

Artist collaboration with Sally Watkins creating and producing 26 and 7 bones, working along the Jurassic seaboard with 16 people who use their hands (27 bones) and/or feet (26 bones) to navigate or investigate the Dorset coast, including a freediver, embroiderer, coastguard, blacksmith and foot surgeon – the ‘and’ of the hand.

Public event with visual, sound and creative presentations by the artists and project participants on 26th & 27th May at the Salt House, West Bay, Dorset, as part of Earth Festival 2012.

’26 and 7 score’ performed on a music box: a distillation of components through a series of mathematical processes, with video playlist of project documentation.

Sally Watkins and Rob Sansom

– Invited as a ‘live respondent’ as part of the BONE exhibition curated by Rhiannon Armstrong and Simon Gould at Florence Nightingale Museum in London (August 2012), and to contribute to the visual collection.

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