Jesse Lawrence

director / editor

Jesse recently edited our film academy production of In My Book

War Against Sleep

Also known as Duncan Fleming; the mercurial sonic wizard behind some of the sound tracks to many of our recent films. Help Turn Lyme Green, Light and Dark, and Teeth the Musical to name a few. He seems to be able to turn his hand to many styles and has an obsessive understanding of texture and recording techniques.

bucky the band

are Simon Roberts + Joff Winterhart

they are very talented and have worked on numerous projects with us including Teeth – The Musical, No 1 Bus and

lucy roberts

artist and maker

Her background is in Animation which has led her to work on a number of interesting and varied projects.

Her artwork has been featured in Elle Deco and Marie Claire magazines and she has worked in various guises on many music videos by award-winning Collision Films

Peter Snelling

writer / director

Pete has worked as a writer on many of biggerhouse film projects including Best Interest and Film Academy.