Soundings (Reach Devon) – 2009

Greta Waycott at Venville House
Lead Artist for intergenerational project in rural Devon making sound programmes drawing on the lived experience of residents and participants. Using specially designed packs of question cards alongside drawing and animation, Soundings brought together older and younger people to dialogue around mental health, age and well being.

In Princetown, digital animations were produced with residents, through collaborating with animator and drawing artist Joff Winterhart. 2 audio programmes were produced for broadcast radio.

Listen to ‘What we are made of’ – the Princetown programme, currently part of the Forest Fringe Touring Sound Library

Joff Gladys and Great at VenFor more info about Soundings, and Reach Devon, produced by Aune Head Arts and Villages in Action, go here. The Reach Initiative, funded by the NHS and ACE to explore new ways of working at the meeting point between art and health, won a Royal Society for Public Health Award in 2010.