The No 1 Bus – B-side 2010

Joff's drawing of Jordan and TomArtist working in collaboration with drawing artist Joff Winterhart on the No 1 Bus between Weymouth and Portland for the B-side multimedia festival, Dorset, September 2010, commissioned by PVA MediaLab and B-side.  Talking, drawing and songwriting with passengers and drivers during the festival – giving original drawings to public (and keeping the carbon copies to make a book).

The ‘No 1 single’ was written especially for the bus inspired by our meetings and conversations (written and recorded in collaboration with musician Simon Roberts), and ‘released’ during B-side, with 50 limited edition CDs distributed and free download available. Listen and download here.


Documentation includes “The No 1 Bus Drawing Book”, a collection of Joff’s drawings and Sue’s writing, and a series of photographs of the ‘handovers’ with the passengers and drivers.  An edited version of ‘The No 1 Bus Drawing Book’ was published in a limited edition of 40 in May 2011 by LabCulture.  Click here to see an 8 minute video short of the project and making process.