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it is for the tiger | 2005 – 2009

A solo performance talk by Sue Palmer

I love the tiger, and it would still eat me, yes.

This contemporary video-text performance looks closely at our relations with tigers, the ‘wild’, our desire to rescue and adopt, anthropomorphic corporate behaviour, zoos, fur and purr, our love.

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psi: midspace | 2003 – 2004

a performance project about psychic phenomena and our perceptions of time, space and thought.

performance | video | conversation

“the psychic is the space between namings” ned reiter

spring / summer 2004 in venues & locations in south west england

sue palmer in collaboration with vic llewellyn, lisa griffiths and stephen clarke

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hair raising | february 2001

A performance residency all about hair in GJs Hair Salon, Shepton Mallet, Somerset produced by Sue Palmer.

Hair Raising took place between the 20th-28th February 2001 as part of the Year of The Artist.

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glastonbury net radio | 1999

Glastonbury Net Radio was one of the first internet radio stations in the UK. Set up in 1999 as an experimental outlet for new work, the station celebrated the new technology that suddenly became available.

We made 12 documentaries for netcasting during the spring and summer of ’99 which focussed on the town of Glastonbury, the arts and social change.

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leningrad youth theatre exchange project |1989 – 1990

An East-West Young People’s Cultural Exchange Programme. Led by Gog Theatre, 23 young people aged 14-18 linked with the Bridge Youth Theatre from St Petersburg.

St. Petersburg: October 1989. The Russian and English groups devised a play about the breaking down of a wall by people who want to communicate despite their cultural differences.

Somerset: April 1990. The Russians return for a further 2 week residency to devise a piece based on THE GOLEM for performances in Taunton and Glastonbury.

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