‘The One Day Old Band’ for Cambridge Junction – 2014

The One Day Old Band for Cambridge Junction and Romsey Arts FestivalAn ‘all comers’ pan generational, multi-ability, genre transcending band commissioned by Cambridge Junction & Romsey Arts Festival, in collaboration with Joff Winterhart and Simon Roberts – a one day version of our collaborative project ‘The 100 Year Old Band

One song, one gig, …. one day. 17 people from the city of Cambridge joined the band, aged between 10 and 70 – drums, gong, 3 guitars, ukulele, keytar, kazoo, keyboard, bass, harmonica and 7 singers including 2 sets of twins. We wrote an original song ‘The Animals’ and played live at the one and only gig at Hope Street Yard, Cambridge. The drummer, Lucas, wrote a review!

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